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July 11 2013


Do You Know The Complications Of Menopause And Just How Can You Treat These

If you ask most women, they would tell you that they fear going through menopause. It means that the woman is getting older. Between 45 to 55, a woman will begin to experience the complications of menopause. Doctors say when menopause is experienced when a woman is 40 years old, it is considered a premature menopause. Several diseases will start to occur as soon as menstruation ends. She then will become prone to heart diseases, breast cancer and osteoporosis. Depression, anxiety and insomnia are also some of the problems that a menopausal woman will suffer from. Most women will also be experiencing what is called hot flashes. hot flash information states that it is an intense feeling of heat followed by excessive sweating. The she will suffer from chills for 30 seconds to 10 minutes. After this, there will be red blotches on the skin, specifically in the face, neck, chest, arms and back. The woman will then experience anxiety and nausea. Nervousness may also be experienced by some women. Some women report getting heart races after experiencing hot flashes.

The symptoms of menopause differ from woman to woman. It is the hot flashes that women experience that makes menopause very uncomfortable. Hormone replacement therapy has been used to alleviate the complications of menopause. Most women in the U.S. would get hormone replacement therapy for menopause. If they do this, the usual complications that menopause sufferers are alleviated. These women do not anymore go through hot flashes. Breast cancer risks are increased with hormone replacement therapy according to experts. Aside from breast cancer, hormone replacement therapy can increase the risk of heart disease. And so, women are looking into other alternatives rather than getting hormone replacement therapy. Menopause complications are minimized by alternative treatments that contain phytoestrogens. Siberian rhubarb root extract is said to be very effective new menopause supplement . It has been found that Siberian rhubarb root extract can lessen hot flashes by 72 percent.

Menopausal complications can be reduced if you take soy products and soy milk. Menopausal complications are reduced by the phytoestrogens contained I soy products. Folic acid can be found in soy milk but it cannot be found in cow's milk. Omega 3 can also be derived from soy products. Cow's milk does not have these nutrients. And thus, for menopausal women, cow's milk is the best choice.

So, don't let menopause get the best of you, start looking for a good menopausal treatment today.

January 31 2013


Menopause And Exploring Natural Treatment Methods To Overcome The Symptoms

The female body goes through several stages in different phases of a woman's life. A male doesn't have to go through these many adjustments. Take for example when we hit puberty. The woman will soon have her menstrual period at this point. The female body will literally transform in a lot of ways owing to this. The breasts become significantly more developed as well as the hips, shoulders, legs, and even the facial features. But this doesn't compare to the transformations that occur during pregnancy. Some women have difficulty going through this period.

It's ironic that things don't end there for the female body. Some may think that this is already last step, but it actually isn't. One will still have to pass through the menopausal period. This occurs during the post-reproductive years when the menstrual cycle finally ends for the female. This is the period when women experience several symptoms which may bring them pain and discomfort. Some are pretty lucky to only get to experience the mild to moderate ones. But there are also those who cannot bear the pain and discomfort and have to resort to hormone replacement therapy. Nonetheless, menopause supplement is still said to be the better alternative.

It's best not to forget that menopause is not a disease. It's a stage that any female will really have go through. This is why one should go for natural treatments when seeking relief. That way, there will be little to no risks at all to your overall physical condition. Some online resources such as www.kuhlcare.com can provide a lot of insightful tips on how to naturally deal with the pain and discomfort. Let's talk about some of the more popular and side-effect free treatments.

The very first one is to ensure you exercise regularly. This is the time when one has to carefully evaluate how active her lifestyle is. There are studies that show that one can be relieved of stress, anxiety, and depression post-menopause thanks to the proper exercise programs. The second is to assess your daily diet and revamp it to accommodate the changes your body is undergoing. Be wary of foods that are high in caffeine, alcohol, and sugar contents. Foods that contain naturally occurring phytoestrogens, such as the lignans in flaxseed come highly recommended. Last but not the least, we have herbal remedies. Some herbs have already been proven to be quite effective in dealing with the symptoms such as black cohosh, gingko biloba, and ginseng.
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